Germany needs Nurses

The nursing profession in Germany is positioned for long-term stability. Thanks to the nation’s high living standards, a significant portion of the population enjoys good health even in their old age. However, as life expectancy rises and the population ages, coupled with a decline in young professionals entering the field, the need for skilled nursing and basic medical care is growing. Despite Germany’s robust healthcare system, there continues to be a high demand for nursing professionals, making their role increasingly vital. Hospitals, nursing homes, and other care facilities are actively seeking nursing staff with varying levels of expertise to meet the expanding healthcare needs. This demand is expected to persist and even grow in the years to come. If you’re considering a career in Germany’s healthcare system, this is an opportune time to explore pathways into this future-proof field.

Why Germany ?

  • Shortage of Nurses in Germany
  • Excellent working conditions
  • Attractive Salary
  • Extra Payment for Night Shifts, Weekend Duties and Public Holidays
  • Company Pension Plan
  • Health Benefits, Child Benefits
  • Work Life Balance
  • Fair Work Environment

Eligibility & Requirements

  • GNM / PB.Sc / B.Sc / M.Sc in Nursing
  • 2 years Work Experience In Hospitals is Desired
  • Motivation to learn German Language
  • Positive Attitude

and you’re good to go !

What do we do ?

  • Resume Screening
  • Shortlisting & Job Interviews
  • Documentation & Visa
  • German Language Training
  • Pre-departure Assistance


All our services are 100% free of charge!
There are no registration fees or hidden
charges or training fees!

German Language Training

  • Free Language Training
  • 100% Online via Zoom
  • First 6 months 2 hours per day
  • Last 4 months full-time training: 5 hours per day
  • Support in preparing for the International Exam
  • Language Training + International Exam costs (approximately INR 80,000/-) will be paid by the employer

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