ÖSD Exams

i-Pro Edu is authorised examination centre for ÖSD German Language Exams.

What is ÖSD?

The ÖSD is an examination and assessment system for German Language. ÖSD exams correspond to the levels of the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” (CEFR). ÖSD exams are internationally recognised as proof of German language competence. The German acronym ÖSD stands for “Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch” as well as for “Österreich, Schweiz, Deutschland” (Austria, Switzerland, Germany).

ÖSD exams are internationally recognized and range from level A1 to C2.

For higher education / spouse immigration / relocation in German speaking countries, certificates are required. ÖSD, Telc and Goethe Institut are commonly accepted certificates.

Exam Pattern A1 / A2 / B2 / C1:

These exams consist of two modules Written exam (Reading, Listening, Writing) and Oral exam (Speaking). One can appear for single module or both modules together. Exam is deemed to be completed when one has passed in both the modules.

Exam Pattern B1 / C2:

These exams consist of four modules Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. One can appear for single module or combination of modules. Exam is deemed to be completed when one has passed in all four the modules.

A1  Exam Dates: 23rd July.

A2  Exam Dates: 19th July.

B1  Exam Dates: 22nd July.

B2  Exam Dates: Coming Soon

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