We have been consistently reaching milestones. We are proud to have a base of thousands of satisfied students.

Experienced Trainers

Our Teachers pass EEE criterion: Experts, Experienced and (also) Enthusiastic

Technology Assisted Learning

Technology is inherent part of the classroom. Learning is coupled with Videos, Internet and Mobile phones.

Variety of Activities

No matter which course you enroll in, we offer you a feast of events every month.


About The Institute

i-Pro Edu is a team of enthusiastic people who are passionate about their work. We help people to embed new skills for succeeding in their career and profession.

The Institute operates across multiple verticals. Our different wings offer a bouquet of courses and services that cater to different needs.

Language Institute provides training in various Indian and Foreign Languages such as English, German, French, Japanese, Sanskrit, Marathi and Hindi.

Commerce Academy offers professional coaching for various courses including XI-XII (commerce), BBA, BBA-IB, B.Com, M.Com, etc.

Study Abroad Consultancy Wing provides end to end services for higher education abroad, including preparations for GRE/IELTS exams.

Joining a course at i-Pro Edu itself is an experience. We are a family of fun-loving teachers and amazingly diverse learners. We welcome you to join the family!


Become More Interesting Person!

Your language skills will certainly make your life interesting. You can explore more about it, talk more about it, learn more about it, and also become center of attraction in your circle!

New Job Opportunities

A language is surely the key to enter the ‘Global Village’. With hundreds of foreign companies spreading across the country, your foreign language skills along with your domain knowledge offers you an edge in job market.

Explore The Cultures

When you learn a language, you have access to one of the amazing cultures on the planet. It’s certainly fun to explore people, their thoughts, food, traditions, relations and lot more.

Be a Global Tourist

A real tourist never needs a Guide. With ability to communicate in Foreign Language, you can communicate yourself in new land and experience the difference!

Recent Updates

We offer Language training for following languages:

German Language Courses (A1-C2), Goethe MMB Classes in Nashik with fees


japanese flag-1


English Language Courses, Classes in Nashik with fees


French Language Classes in Nashik with Fees


Chinese Language Classes, Courses (H1-H6) in Nashik with fees

Chinese (Mandarin)

Sanskrit Language Courses, Classes in Nashik with fees

Sanskrit/ Marathi/ Hindi


Industry Experience

Brilliant Team

Creative & Professional

Complex Solutions

100% Result Guarantee


What we do is not just our job. We are passionate about it. You’ll experience our uniqueness of our teachers once you’re here.
There’s never a dull moment. Lot of events are happening at i-Pro Edu every month.
Result oriented teaching methodology makes us unique. Our expertise in the International Examination Formats helps us to prepare our candidates well for international Exams.
We believe in transparency. You will get probably more but not less than what you’re promised!
We have privileged to have been entrusted by hundreds of students which helped us create Goodwill in the Market. We are committed to stand by the values.


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Based on 122 reviews
I think that I-Pro is the best language institute in Nashik because of many reasons. Firstly, it has excellent teachers who are very friendly and are dedicated to make language easy for everyone. Secondly, teaching methodology is simply outstanding which involves complete book solving, various games and activities, examination practice, doubt solving, regular guidance and much more. Thirdly, It is the only classes in Nashik which conducts International certification for German Goethe Exam. I would strongly recommend this institute if you are planning to join it. I consider myself lucky to be the part of this institute.
Gaurav Mahajan
Gaurav Mahajan
i-Pro is the best place to learn the German Language in Nashik. I have done my A1, A2, and B1 at i-Pro. The teachers here are very cooperative, helpful, and friendly. The classes are very interactive and fun, which makes you want to be a part of it. My favorite thing about this class is its exam training. It is intensive, rigorous, and prepares one well to appear for Goethe Examinations. And lastly, I have made some great friends in the class and those I will hopefully always be in touch with. I will always miss being a student at i-Pro. 🙂
I have done my A1, A2 with Ipro-Edu, also currently I am doing B1 with the same. It has been a wonderful experience while learning German with Ipro. Everyone is supporting and encouraging.
pranati katyare
pranati katyare
Learning a foreign language is absolutely not easy. But I pro edu has made it very easy & simple. My Learning experience with ipro is definitely very interesting. All the teachers are really helpful & friendly. Although I've done my course online, I never had any difficulties. Teachers make sessions very interactive so it's always fun to learn language with Ipro. I'm lucky to be a member of Ipro family. Thank you Swapnil sir for the wonderful learning experience.😊
Ghe teaching is really good for japanese ... don't know about other languages
Kaustubh Yawalkar
Kaustubh Yawalkar
Hello, My name is Kaustubh and I am currently studying German language at I-Pro Education. Firstly, I would say that the staff here is very friendly and dedicated because they always try to find the best out of every student. They cover all the necessary topics within given period of time and also take a lot of practice. The assignments given by them prove to be very useful for students to develop their confidence. Apart for this, various activities are conducted which help students to improve their vocabulary and speaking skills. There is always a friendly environment in class and everyone actively participates in each activity. I am sure that after my learning at I-Pro, I will confidently stand among the people and express myself more clearly. At the end, I would like to thank I-Pro and it's respected staff for their constant hard work.

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